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Why create a blog for an inspector’s website?
Saturday, November 12, 2005

Why create a blog for an inspector’s website? 

For the usual blogger reasons:  sharing all sorts of “potentially” interesting information with everyone, venting, presenting my point of view.

As my web/zen master TK tells me:  to let you know some things you didn’t.  And to let you tell me some things I didn’t.

To allow me to honestly share my thoughts about a business which, in the course of my 20-year career, has matured from part-time hand waving to a fully accredited profession integral to the home-buying process.

To share pictures, like this one of Sana; the grandaughter of the owners of Nakahara Tennis Club in Mitaka, Tokyo, stories and euphemisms (“Paint the Pig!”)

To make pitiful attempts to describe what, in Christopher Alexander’s book “The Timeless Way of Building”, is that sense of place that cannot be defined.

Spring and Summer are high seasons for real estate.  In the fall and winter inspectors do all sorts of creative (non-productive) stuff like writing blogs.  That’s the best reason of all!

I’m off to Japan for a couple weeks and am going to visit Takayama in Gifu prefecture.  Will bring home some thoughts and photos about a 350 year-old wood-framed subdivision for y’all.


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