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"Turn off air conditioner before using washer and dryer" and foil in the attic
Monday, February 26, 2007

100 amps in not enough - Dan Curl Comprehensive Home Inspection.

Did a "Grandma" house the other day. The notice taped to the water heater (in the laundry room) I have seen and  before: since both the laundry equipment and window A/C units draw a lot of power you are liable to "lose a fuse" when both are in operation. I once had a sweet old lady scold me for the my audacity in trying to operate both appliances simultaneously. The power supply to this home had been upgraded to 100 amps but I guess Grandma still wanted things to be sure so she posted this notice. You just have got to love people who are capable of leaving one thing off when the other is on. We have gotten so used to having it all, all the time.

Foil Barrier in the attic - Dan Curl Comprehensive Home Inspection.

The second photo shows remants of a foil radiant barrier installed in the attic. The foil was installed on the south side of the roof (that's where most of the heat is in a south/north gabled roof). I have seen aluminum foil from the grocery used as a radiant barrier. New products are much stiffer and stronger and perform better at reflecting radiant energy.

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