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Inspection Organizations
Georgia Association of Home Inspectors
Find inspectors and review topics relating to home inspections
Southeast Chapter directory of the American Society of Home Inspectors

Code Organizations and Research
International Code Council
Dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national model codes.
Southern Building Code Congress International
Governing codes in the Southern U.S.
International Council of Building Officials
Western U.S. building codes.  Bookstore, current events, certification programs.
Building Officials and Code Administrators International
Founded 1915.  Eastern and Midwestern U.S. building codes. Dedicated to the pursuit of public health, safety, and welfare.
Nationwide listing of municipal codes and ordinances.

Home Building and Design Organizations
National Association of Homebuilders
Homebuilding industry news and current events, bookstore, programs.
Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association
Certified Professional Home Builder and Earthcraft House programs.
National Organization of the Remodeling Industry
Locate builders certified by NARI.  Learn how to hire a builder.
American Institute of Architects
Locate architects in your area.  Industry news, current events, bookstore, programs.
American Institute of Building Design
Residential home design organization.  Locate home designers.

Official site for subsequent notice program for the Cox vs Shell class action settlement.  Defective polybutylene water pipe found in many Atlanta homes.
Also known as bluepipe and greypipe.
Official site for subsequent notice program for Louisiana Pacific INNERSEAL brand hardboard siding.  Defective siding products found in many Atlanta homes.

Government Sponsored Web Sites
Georgia Department of Community Affairs
Planning and codes, housing, economic development, environmental issues, grants and loans, research, and publications.
Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Renewable energy, efficient building design.
U.S. Department of Energy
Energy codes, consumer publications.
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Dedicated to safe, secure homes.   Housing studies and publications.

Energy Efficiency and Home Design
The Southface Energy Institute
Energy efficient building in Georgia, homebuilding school, greenbuilding programs.
Energy and Environmental Building Association
Devoted to energy efficient, environmentally responsible buildings and communities.
Florida Solar Energy Center
Renewable energy and energy efficiency, research, training, and certification, technical publications.
Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing
Improving cost and quality of housing by developing and applying advanced technology.

Indoor Air Quality  (IAQ)
Air Quality Services
Full service indoor air quality providing testing, analysis, products relating to air quality.

Home Inspectors Around the world

Melbourne, Australia: property inspections melbourne Property & building inspections in Melbourne is the most important inspection for your house& home. So order your property inspections now: 1300 553 220.

More resources for home efficiency  U.S. Dept of Energy building technologies programs  Building Science Corp:  industry leader in building science and construction  search the latest ventilation standard:   62.2  2004  building science, performance standards for builders  the same for homeowners    National Association of Homebuilders research site  good all-around site, practical advice  Atlanta area members of the certified builder program  Advanced Energy Corp. studies of crawl spaces  American Plywood Association site about how to keep homes mold free  Jackson EMC Right Choice Homes program is worth a look.


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