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Money Matters
Let’s face it: inspection findings translate into dollars. Here’s how your Eco-Inspector saves you money:

The right balance …...Your Eco-Inspector knows how to locate, inspect and assess major defects AND itemize lesser concerns.

An ounce of prevention…….No one wants a big repair bill right after moving in. The Eco-Inspector shows you what to look for and how to reduce the risk of “surprise” repairs

Affordable Efficiency…….Save money without having to spend a lot. Your Eco-Inspector includes a basic energy assessment with every inspection then provides specific recommendations based on the report

Healthy Homes
What you CAN’T see might hurt you…... new efficiency standards require tightly built and insulated buildings that could trap contaminants. Older, less well sealed homes have openings that allow unconditioned air and pests into the home. Which works best?

Your Eco-Inspector knows….. what’s needed to create a healthy home; how moisture control, ventilation, ducting and gas combustion affect the quality of the air your family breathes. Get straightforward science-based information about mold, radon, asbestos and other health concerns

Serious, Studious, Experienced…...Certified Home Energy Rater and member of Atlanta’s Southface Energy Institute for 14 years your Eco-Inspector knows Metro Atlanta; from older less efficient homes to the newest and most efficient The Eco-Inspector can show how to create and maintain a healthy home

Building Science
Get Back to Basics……Building is based on the laws of Physics. Newton’s 2nd law, when applied to buildings, forms the scientific foundation for understanding the interaction of natural forces in buildings

Building Science, NOT BS…...Moisture, Heat, and Ultraviolet Light destroy buildings. Understanding how these forces work is central to building science. Codes and Inspection Standards leave too many questions unanswered

HOW and WHY Building Science?......A basic understanding of building science helps your Eco-Inspector detect and diagnose defects, Understanding the HOW and WHY of a problem shows WHERE to look.

Dan Curl Eco-Inspector uses Building Science to raise the Home Inspection process to the next level. Green saves money


Dan Curl, Comprehensive Home Inspections
I will provide a professional, balanced review of your home.

I'm Certified
American Society of Home Inspectors

International Code Council #5277953

I'm Thorough
I work until I'm satisfied the job is done: on site and writing the report I will verify my observations and support my conclusions.

I Help My Community
I help Atlanta area congregations perform energy audits to improve energy efficiency and lower costs.

Georgia Interfaith Power & Light

I'm a Student
I study homes and how they work; consult with professionals, tradesmen and suppliers. I subscribe to trade publications, attend conferences, maintain code certification and membership in inspection and building associations.

I'm a Teacher
I've been teaching at the Emory University Center for Lifelong Learning for three years. Teaching helps me organize and clarify information gathered over time Check out my Blog.

Dan Curl, Teacher at Evening at Emory

I'm a Detective
I like the problem-solving part of my job the most With apologies to HGTV's House Detective I have to say I really love what I do. Knowing WHY there’s a problem is as important to me as knowing WHAT is wrong.

I'm Experienced
I have inspected residential and light-commercial construction, homes new and old, large and small, single and multi-family, in the city, the suburbs and beyond.

Quick Information

Dan Curl, Atlanta Home Inspector serving the Atlanta, Ga metro area.

Dan Curl Home Inspector Atlanta Georgia

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