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I'm teaching another course this Fall, "How Homes Work," for Evening at Emory
Saturday, July 14, 2007

(see the class pictures)

Here is the course description:

Get a clear look at what needs to be done first in your home and avoid spending money where it really isn’t needed. One of the hardest tasks for a non-professional is balancing your budget for upgrades against unexpected big ticket problems.

  • How can you identify potential defects and anticipate future problems?
  • How does Atlanta’s mixed-humid climate affect building materials and systems?
  • How do pests get in the house?
  • How to control termites, wood rot, and moisture?
  • How to improve ventilation, air quality, and reduce energy costs?

After learning the basics of how homes work in metro Atlanta you’ll be better prepared to buy, sell, maintain, or improve your home. Your instructor has seventeen years experience in metro Atlanta. 

Instructor: Daniel Curl

6 sessions: $120

Wed: Oct 3-24 / 7:00-9:00 pm

Inspection field trips: Oct. 13 and 27, 10 am - 1 pm

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