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Inspector's Lament - New Home Hassles in Atlanta - A case study of the trials and tribulations encountered when first-time buyers pursue their dream of buying a new home. Accompanied by a discussion of the role of private home inspectors in the building process.

An Elderly Atlanta Home Checklist - Learn to identify some of the defects found in old and not-so-old Atlanta homes.

Energy Basics - Residential energy use and indoor air quality - save money by wasting less energy. Dan can show you how.

Energy Tips - "Outside the Envelope" (of conditioned space) - Landscaping, grading, drainage, attics, and under-floor spaces can dramatically affect  energy usage and the comfort of your home.

Why Don't They Build Houses Like They  Used To? - Notes from the 2005 National Association of Homebuilders Green Building Conference

Contractor List - This is a resource list only. No referrals, endorsements, or guarantees are expressed or implied by inclusion on the list.

Reading List - Sources for more information on architecture and construction.

Links to inspections, building materials, codes, design, and more - Resources on the web.

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