This letter from a student who commissioned me to inspect her home:

"Hi Dan.  It's great to have this!  When I get a chance tonight I'll go over it more carefully and make out a punch list for myself.  You've really given me a clear look at what needs to be done first and saved me from putting money where it isn't needed yet.  I sometimes think that's the hardest task for a non-professional; it's so easy to run out of cash doing upgrades and then get stuck when something big like a furnace lets go.  Let's face it--these are expensive decisions, and your class followed by an inspection are a real way to save money in the long run."

This letter from real estate agent David Schenck-ReMax Executives:

"When real problems with houses are brought to light, all parties can deal with them in an effecient and professional manner.  Whether I'm working with Dan for my buyer clients, or recieving a report written by Dan as the selling agent, I know the inspection report will be thorough but fair.  No overblown problems or scare tactics here, only a high quality inspection and accurate reporting of the facts.  What a difference!  If only other inspection reports were like this the home buying and selling process would be so much less stressful for everyone.

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