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Why Fight Over Climate? I’m tired of hot attics!
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Here’s my take on global warming and some good reasons to NOT listen to the Political Pundits (Talking Heads)

  1. Empirical evidence supporting global warming is valid. The overwhelming consensus within the scientific community is that the earth is warming more rapidly due to the human activity and that extreme climate change is not desirable. If you don’t accept the evidence for warming stop reading now.
  2. Cap and Trade won’t work. Poor, under-industrialized countries have no incentive to “play by the rules” of cap and trade. A substantial portion of the world lives on less than 2$ per day. To expect the governments of poor and/or populous nations to voluntarily reduce their ability to compete in the global marketplace is unrealistic.
  3. Nothing can be done, the problem is too large and complex. I like Larry the Cable Guy’s take on that statement: “Git ‘er done.” It’s not the science that’s ineffective; it’s the lack of political will. Ditto healthcare, immigration, education, etc. etc. etc.

Now the politics

Conservatives argue that:
Government imposition into the lives of average citizens in the form of mandates, taxes and the like is contrary to both a democratic state and a healthy economy

Liberals argue that:
Government should require a reduction in greenhouse gases and encourage energy savings by the business community and the public at large

I say Git ‘er Done
Take whichever point of view you like and act upon it

If you’re a conservative look at the problem from a market perspective:
It’s going to get hotter.  Energy and water prices are going to rise over time. It’s good business to improve building efficiency and reduce energy and water use. Invest in companies that produce energy or control water. Better yet invest in companies that utilize energy and water resources better than their competitors.

If you’re a liberal look at the problem from a policy perspective:
Support energy programs for those in need. Support requirements for improved gas mileage and reduction of pollution from coal-fired power plants. Reduce your energy and water use. Recycle.

It seems to me that our country “fixes” things best when both government and the private sector contribute. Posturing for the sake of ideological purity will not solve this problem.  Compromise must occur: liberals should consider nuclear energy as a possible source “clean” energy; conservatives should accept the notion of government regulation of CO2. It’s possible to maintain one’s political view AND work towards a more efficient, conserving future.   

I don’t really care what your politics are. I’m just tired of hot attics

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