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Reeder Redecoration
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Testing colors for the big room, kitchen and porch. Don't try this unless you are gifted or have a professional on hand.
Now we're painting upstairs and punching the porch.

Here goes our third round of paint tests. See the ceiling paint test and the bedroom test if you dare. These are all Benjamin More colors. I used the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer to get the colors on this page. Thanks to Briarcliff Paint for the kind help, they love to see me coming.

We'll have a look Monday to see if we've got the right ones. I really don't want to do any more samples but if I must, I must.

2020-50 Mellow Yellow

My personal favorite but that doesn't mean it's OK


2027-50 Hibiscus

This one kills (in a nice way)



HC-21 Huntington Beige

Big elegance.



HC-25 Quincy Tan

Big elegance slightly lighter.



2B 327 Pure Joy

For the porch chairs.



3B 770 Americana

For the porch table.



We spent several hours with the color chart like this:

With "The Fabric" and the sofa fabric.
We repeated this for hours.

There is rhyme and reason for painting the samples where we did. It will allow use to check the colors against everything that matters - great room stuff, kitchen stuff, and purple hall.

Huntington Beige / Quincy Tan / Hibiscus

Huntington Beige / Quincy Tan / Hibiscus
Mellow yellow stripe between the taupes.


Hibiscus / Mellow Yellow.
Both go great with the purple hall and the ladder (and the kitchen).

The porch table was the most fun. It's too rainy to spray the chair but I'm going to brush one of them tonight, I just can't wait to see it. It's supposed to rain all week.

Needs some punch.


Kind of a green in there, I think.
A major pain to paint with a brush.

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