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Help us solve headboard problem
I'm carpentry challenged. How to make a footboard into a headboard? Attach it to the wall? OK, except that it's curved. And, if we get new mattress someday, we may have to lower or raise it.

Headboard problem solved, January 21, 2006.

I'm at a loss right now. It curves, it has chunky legs that have to go. We'll need to hide or camouflage whatever we come up with.

I'd like to get it done tomorrow. I'd at least like to find a way to do it that I can actually do myself.

If you have any suggestions at all, please leave them here.

"Any suggestions for mounting our new headboard?"

In the meantime I've been surfing trying to find something.

Here is a company that specialized in wall mounted headboards.

Occasional Twist Presents

Headboard Mounting Instructions presents the detail. Here is the picture:

Clever, but what do you do with a curve? And where could I get a couple of those cleats? (See "How Dave Did It" below.

It weighs about 55 lbs.


Here is some info from Loews about cleats.

Here are more places to study:

I took this picture at "By Design" on Cheshire Bridge. It might work.

How Dave did it. Dave took his headboard off and took a picture.

"I have my headboard mounted on the wall.  It just seems easier that way.  It doesn't move but is adjustable .  I created the mounting myself.  Depending on the stud centers you have, you will want a mounting rail that spans maybe 3 studs.  What I used was a couple pieces of standard, cheap baseboard molding.  The kind that is about three inches tall with a beveled edge at the top.  I just mounted one piece on the wall facing backwards so the beveled edge, while still at the top edge of the molding, was backwards on the wall.  This creates a "trough" like affect on the wall.  I mounted another piece on the headboard mounted backwards so that the one the headboard has the beveled edge on the bottom edge so it can "hang" on the bevel mounted on the wall.
"This allows me to slide it from side to side after it is hung till I get the desired placement.  It is simple enough to change the height by remounting either of the moldings.  I don't know for sure how you would do this on a curve but it depends on where the curve is I guess."

Thanks Dave!


More later . . .

January 8, 2005 We many buy a new bed which would affect the height of the headboard. We're still in the thinking mode but not the doing mode yet.

Here is some hardware we found on the web in this discussion:

Steel Cleats

Extra Thin Flush Mounts

Adjustable Flush Mount

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