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Reeder Redecoration
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Testing the ceiling colors
Benjamin Moore 801 was beautiful but too dark. 795 was lighter but still too dark. Rachel's shirt seemed perfect but we'll have to try it. We tried two more colors. Faux beams anyone?

The room was getting there and we trashed it:

Here are the five colors we've tried on the ceiling. The rug balances the blue so we had to put it down to help us choose the  right color.

The winner, it's light but with a little more gray.

The rug:

Here are two colors. They are both great. Suddenly the ceiling is a feature. Not what I expected.

Left: 801, right: 795

I painted to give a simulation or faux beams:

Imagination required.

JoAnn isn't too crazy about the beam idea. Gordon and I are crazy about it. We'll try another paint sample or two on Friday. I hope we can pick one so I can give it two coats over the weekend.

Then will have to figure out the beams. It could tough getting it right.

Some faux beam links:

Faux beams:


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