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Reeder Redecoration
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The colors we tested, we used and we didn't use for redocorating
We've had some many questions about or colors that I decided to collect them all on one page.

All are Benjamin Moore Paints.

Hall and bar stools:

 1364 "Vintage Claret"


We didn't test this one. It was just too good.

Bedroom and TK's office colors. These will go in the master bath too (but that's another project).

This is the maximum chocolate color.
Didn't use it.

 HC-71 "Hasbrouke Brown"


 HC-68 "Middlebury Brown"


A bit lighter and grayer.
Used it.

( Classic) 990 "Hampshire Taupe"


What about much less contrast?
Used it

In progress.

990 for the office and piano too.

For the ceiling:

Didn't use it. Too dark.

990 "Blue Bayou"


Didn't use it. Too dark.

799 "Mediterranean Bree"


Didn't use it. Too dark.

795 "Faded Denim"


Didn't use it. Too blue.

792 "Mystical Blue"


834 "Bright and Early"

The winner, it's light but with a little more gray.


Two losers.

The living room, kitchen and porch chairs:

Didn't use it.
My personal favorite but that doesn't mean it's OK.

 2020-50 "Mellow Yellow"
 2027-50 "Hibiscus"

Used it.
This one kills (in a nice way)

Didn't use it. Too dark
Big elegance

-21 "Huntington Beige"
 HC-25 "Quincy Tan"

Used it.
Big elegance slightly lighter.

 2B 327 "Pure Joy"

Used it.
For the porch chairs.

 3B 770 "Americana"

Used it.
For the porch table.

"Hibiscus" left, "Huntington Beige" right


Stripes for the hall:

 2027-50 "Hibiscus"

Used it.
The 4" stripe

From the kitchen, stairs, dining area.

 HC-25 "Quincy Tan"

Used it.
The 10" stripe
From the great room.

 HC-89 "Northhampton Putty"

Used it.
The 1 1/2" stripe
Slightly darker than "Quincy Tan"


For the garage:

1364 "Essex Green"

Benjamin More ready mixed latex

We used this one to make the garage disappear. Gordon says lighter or darker would make it more visible. We don't want visible

For Bedroom #3

Thunderbird 675

Ceiling. Flat


Simply Irristable 1b 205

Walls. Eggshell


Ready mixed "White" Latex semi-gloss

The trim.


For Bedroom #2

Ready mixed "White" enamal floor paint, glossy



OC-19 "Seapearl" Latex eggshell



Ready mixed "White" Latex semi-gloss




Ceiling for Bathroom #3

 HC 140 "Prescot Green"


It matched the green in the wallpaper and blended with Thunderbird in bedroom 4.

For the master bedroom patio:

2020-30 "Sparkling Sun"3

Yellow faux tiles.

2007-20 "Sly Cherry"

Red faux tiles.


The faux grout
We didn't need it.

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