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We'll put some links here to places and materials, we find useful

Carpet Liquidators just off Peachtree Industrial and Mr. Flack provided our Jungle Rug and some carpet pads.

We salute Pottery Barn. Their "no questions asked full refund return policy" saved out skin and kicked off the process. Customer service on the return was extraordinary. Nothing wrong the sofa, it was just the wrong sofa.

The Microsun reading lamp may be the ticket for our big room and our old eyes. Gordon saw them on HGTV

I spoke with the Mircro Sun folks on October 26:

  1. Can you buy a "gear pack" and make your own lamp? No, the gear pack doesn't include the transformer. So you'd have to buy a lamp and sacrifice the parts for the new lamp.
  2. Can you put the works into a sconce? See #1.
  3. How hot does it get compared to a regular bulb or halogen. They don't know.
  4. Is there somewhere in Atlanta I can see one. No, there is no store sales yet. But they have a return policy.

We bought "the thing" at Home Resource Interchange which is on the site of the Old Atlanta Stockade now called Glencastle. Wonderful folks work there. It was a pleasure.

The Buckhead Sofa Store featured a variety of sofas in "plain brown wrappers." You don't get confused about the fabrics, until you have to pick them out. All the sofas on display are the same color. Nice folks too.

MANORism is where we bought the bar stools.

We bought "The Fabric" at Stanton Home Furnishings. Very nice folks in a compact store.

We bought our dining table throw at Anteks Home Furnishings. Wow, western style furniture galore. Want a giant antler chandelier? They've got them.


In Atlanta:  Four Seasons Pottery in Sandy Springs

In Atlanta: Atlanta Water Gardens 

Fountain Crafters in  Encinitas, CA have a variety of the waterfall type indoor fountains. has some fountains. They are in California though.

Kinetic Fountains is in Arden NC. has a bunch, Aluminum Fiberglass.

Pleasantton Weekly informative article Do a search, there are many articles.

Guide to Outdoor lighting

LSI Greenlee Lighting Page 13 contains rules for downlighting, page 14 contains rules for uplighting.

The holy trinity of inexpensive decorative stuff:

Benjamin Moore Paints

Thinks I want to remember:

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