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Finding and fixing the leak so we can finish the bath
The dampness (euphemism for leak) in our big bathroom has been there for years. It showed as discolored grout, loose wallpaper, and dimpled sheetrock. Never saw any water though. The Curl Bothers come to the rescue.

It was fine 18 years ago. Some bit after we noticed muddy colored grout, worse after a big rain. It's finally time to call our friend Dan Curl of Comprehensive Home Inspections in hope of a fix, maybe even an easy fix. Ultimately that lead to call his brother David Curl of Curl Landscapes to deal with exterior drainage.

You can just skip to the slide show if you'd like.

Dan said to cut out some sheetrock to have a look.

It's damp over there but that's not where the water seem to be coming from.


There is a dimple in the shower wall that has improved since we rerouted one gutter.


The dimple.


This seems to be the business end of the dampness.


The close up. It's a little bit crumbly but the studs seem mostly solid. We can't see behind the shower wall. The retaining wall is dry. But we can't see just where the water is coming from. When it rains it get damp.


We're drying it out so that we can tell if the repairs work.

Here is the slide show of the whole mess.

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