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Reeder Redecoration
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Bedroom paint test, the mirror, and painting
We tested three paints. The criss cross mirror arrived but we didn't put it where we expected. There was a much better place. A new picture expanded the bedroom.

We trashed the bedroom and painted samples. It was a great day, the paint, the new mirror and new picture changed things in surprising and good ways.

Another trashed room.

The samples go up.

We picked one of these for the headboard wall.
Which one and why? (The left one.)
The right color is truly beautiful but we'll tire of it.
The gray brown will be easier to live with.
P.S. Thanks to Linda for suggesting Matte paint.

We added the pictures. You can't tell, but the headboard doesn't disappear. The texture, the curve and the flecks of color make it pop. It looks great against the dark paint. The brown paint brought out the yellow in the middle picture and balanced the three pictures. The brown paint also brought out the silvers in the middle picture and in the lampshades and lamp base. It also enhanced the red lamps, if that was possible.

We thought this would go upstairs but it's perfect here.
This will be the color of the other walls.

Lots to see in the mirror.

This new Bombay Company picture is the first thing you see as you enter the bedroom.
It made the room bigger by pulling color from the bedroom wall clear across the room.
The wall is the old peach color. That will change.


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