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Reeder Redecoration
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"The" fabric
This is the color chart for everything. We take it everywhere and everybody seems to love it. The design itself might be old fashioned but that adds to the eclecticism we're going to have. "Fusion" is the current term. The colors are the important thing though. Everything we do takes these colors into account. It's all about "pulling color" from one place to another, making the eye dance.

Decorators can explain and work with what our eyes and brains do automatically. It's in our genes. Designers earn their money and delight us by working with it.

We used the fabric as we would a set of color chips from the paint store. We threw it on everything. We folded it to get the color we wanted and compared.

We had an identical sample except the background was dark brown instead of black. Both worked: The brown work with the leather chair and the wood floors, the sofa and rug fabrics.

But we chose the black instead. It worked with other black things that until Gordon drew our attention to it we never noticed: The "thing" the slate in the fireplace, the fireplace tools, the rug, the screen, the kitchen counter (gray) the Drawbridge picture frame, the laundry hall picture frames, the new kitchen hardware, and more.

I never though of black as a color but in fact we were pulling black all over the house.

These scans aren't quite the exact colors. But you can find so many colors and so many gradations of the same color, there is a lot of room to maneuver. Blues, reds, pinks, organges, greens. There are several rainbows in there.

Series V

Pattern Name: Etrusca   Color: Black
Stock Number: 1015708  Pattern Type: RS
69% Cotton, 13% Rayon
Cleaning Code: "S"

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