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TK's Easy Website Service
Terry Kearns (see all my sites)
1274 Reeder Circle
Atlanta, GA 30306

Hello, I'm Terry.

I want to help you with your website.  Don't have one?  I'll help you build it, publish it, and maintain it.  Do you want to learn how to build and manage your own site?  I'll teach you how.  And, I'll make it as easy as I can for you.

I want your website to speak in a human voice. Computers and the web are wonderful but we interact as humans. Your site needs to reflect that.

I'll build and maintain your site.  We'll start from scratch and I'll do everything.

I'll take over your existing site.  I'll spiff it up. Update it.  Whatever you need.

I'll build a content management system for you.    That's a fancy way of saying that I'll make it easy to update and add to your site.

We'll work together on your site.   You do whatever you can and I'll do the rest.

I'll teach you to be a web publisher.   fishYou can do it and you'll find it worthwhile and satisfying.  You don't have to be a guru or read a 500 page book.  It can be as easy as doing e-mail.  That's just between you and me.  You can still use all the great buzzwords to impress your friends.

I'll be your private tutor.  Folks take golf lessons, tennis lessons, knitting lessons, computer lessons.  Why shouldn't you have web lessons too?

We can get your site going in hurry.   Or, we can go slowly.

I know my limitations.  If your website has to swim with the sharks, I'll help you find the web consultants who can provide the shark cages.

I enjoy doing this and we'll have fun.