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Why do you want a website?

When I started publishing web sites, I had a host of really good reasons.  The most unrealistic being the idea that I could do a web site that would make money.  So, I've dropped that idea.  No, wait - that's why I doing this site.  What I really mean is that I thought I could build a site so cool and so useful that folks would send me anonymous checks for doing such a favor for the world.  Failing that, advertisers would send un-anonymous checks just for mentioning their name on my site.  Well, web advertising hasn't really worked and there are a lot of smarter folks who are doing a better job of saving the world and are still going broke.  As for my other unrealistic expectations, well, that takes another web page.

Even after scaling back my unrealistic expectations, more than enough remain.  So here goes:

Vanity  Hold it, I'm not talking about the sin.  I'm talking about the pride (oops, another sin) and satisfaction of putting your thoughts, ideas, accomplishments, designs, pictures, whatever on a computer screen that folks can see around the world.

The fishSelf assessment  You've heard the saying, "Don't write anything (say anything, e-mail anything) you wouldn't want in the headlines of tomorrow's newspaper."  The web is like that.  You've probably done a brochure for your company, a business card, a birthday party flyer, a letter to the editor.  Let's talk business cards and brochures.  You pick out a design, fret over the content, print a thousand, and it's "you."  Your web site is another method that defines, "you."  Building and surfing your own web site can reveal a lot about you and your business.  You may start by publishing your paper brochure on the web but you'll end up improving the way you communicate.

Hobby  Folks have all kinds of hobbies.  This one is relatively safe and clean.  You can do it without leaving the house.  It doesn't require athletic skill.  Most physical handicaps won't slow you down.

Provide a service  This the best thing to do with your site but it's probably not why you want a site.  It should be.  If your site doesn't provide a service, think again.

Education  The trouble is that everyone knows a little about computers and the Internet these days.  But most folks are terrified of computer stuff and even more terrified of revealing how little they know.  They are afraid the world is leaving them behind.  Doing a web site is a fairly easy way to make up some ground.  I promise that you will learn a lot while we produce your web site.

You have something to say or to show (see "Communicating with folks that have similar interests") You might find hard to get on television or in the newspaper.  But you can always get on the web.

Communicating with folks who have similar interests  I'm sure nobody around the house appreciates your chia pet fishand magic crystal collections as much as you.   You may have a hard time finding folks as interested in mosaic quilts.  But there are web surfers who can't get enough about miniature squirrel carvings and will enjoy reading your opinions about yard pests.

Your widespread family and friends  You don't see or talk with them as much as you'd like.  E-mail is wonderful.  A web site can do more.  If you can e-mail a picture, you can publish a picture album on your web site.

You want to maintain a searchable archive  I'm sure you are a better organizer and filer than I am and less of a packrat.  Putting stuff on a web site can be just as bad.  But, you can have a search on your site.  That makes it easy to find those old meeting minutes.

Coolness  Enough said.

Impress your surfing friends  See "Coolness."

Impress your surfing customers  Your surfing customers may visit your site once.  If you site provides a service, they may come back. 

Impress your surfing competitors  They can't hide their web site from you so you can do better.