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Why shouldn't you want a website?

Can you do a website yourself?

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Can you do a website yourself?

About you:

  • Do you know how to web surf?
  • Do you use a word processor?
  • Do you use e-mail?
  • Do you know how to copy files?
  • Do you think it would be cool if you had your own web site and even cooler if you could publish it yourself?
  • Do you want to try?
  • Do you have a little courage?

Extra credit:

  • You've been programming since you were a baby.
  • You enjoy the web as much or more than TV.
  • Computing is your hobby.
  • Computing is your profession.
  • Everybody knows more about the web than you do and you want to "really show them."

What you need to publish a web page:

  • FishAn Internet connection. America Online, Earthlink, Juno, or something.
  • A hosting service.  A server somewhere on the Internet that will host your site.
  • A domain name.
  • Web publishing software.  A word processor-like program that runs on your PC.
  • An FTP program.  FTP means File Transfer Protocol.  It's actually a very simple program that takes the web pages you make with your publishing software and copies them to you web hosting server.  If you've ever used Windows Explorer to copy files from one place to another - same thing with a high falutin' name.
  • Someone to help you learn how to do it.  Me, if you like.
  • Someone to call when you get confused or mess up.  Me, if you like.
  • Something to say.
  • Did I mention a little courage?

How much does it cost?

  • An Internet connection.  But you already have that.
  • A hosting service.  Count on about $10/month
  • A domain name.  About $25/year but you usually have to pay for 2 years in advance.
  • Web publishing  software for your PC.  The price points are $0, $120, $200, $300, and $400.   If you want to mess with pictures, add, $0 to $1,000 and everywhere in between.
  • Your own time to learn.
  • Your own time to create the site.
  • Your own time to publish and update your site.
  • Your hotshot 13 year old nephew may help you for free.
  • You may need to pay someone to train you and/or help you through steps 2 though 7.  (Me, if you like.)