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Why shouldn't you want a website?

Actually, I can't think of many reasons you shouldn't have a web site.  But I don't want you to be disappointed either.  You might consider starting with less than everything.  Everything takes somewhat more time and money.

You want a positive rate of return.  Well yes, maybe, no, it depends on your goals and the cost, but probably not.  This may not be a good short term goal.  However, one new customer may make it worth your while.

You want to attract surfers from around the world.   That takes marketing, work, cash, time, and service.

fishYou want everybody on the Internet to see your site.  Most folks "on" the Internet don't surf.  They e-mail.  Even rabid surfers don't have an unlimited amount of time.

You want to turn non-surfers into surfers.  You may have to publish the baby pictures to get grandma on the web and even that might not work.

You want a beautiful site.  Beauty never hurts but it's the inner beauty that counts on the web.  What surfers do is "goal-driven navigation."  They will come to your site because of the service it provides.  They will be happiest if you make it easy for them.

You want to be e-commerce enabled to do e-business and have an e-strategy with bunches of e-buzzwords.  (See "positive rate of return" above.)  This usually means that you take credit cards over the web.  This costs extra, probably lots extra.  But you can start with less than everything and you are perfectly entitled to use all of the e-buzzwords you want.