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Terry Kearns (see all my sites)
1274 Reeder Circle
Atlanta, GA 30306

Who's TK?

Terry KearnsThis is me in one of my very serious moods ording BBQ.  If you want to see the official resume stuff, you can find a short one, and a long one.  But a short biography may be more interesting.

I was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. No, it's not in the mountains. It's a furniture and textile manufacturing center in the piedmont of North Carolina just south of Greensboro and just east of Winston Salem. I attended Tomlinson and Northwood Elementary, Northeast Junior High, and High Point Central High School. High Point is still a nice place but I'd need to answer three important questions about it right now: Yes, you should buy your furniture from High Point.  You can get the deals without even visiting the place.  My barbeque benchmark is Kepley's on Main Street. My gold standard for hot dogs is the Dog House, also on Main Street.

I left High Point to attend Georgia Tech and I've lived in Atlanta ever since. I got a degree in Management Science. What's Management Science? It's management with extra math, some computer stuff, and some industrial engineering. I went straight from Tech to Southern Bell, then BellSouth (now AT&T).

My entire BellSouth career was technical. I started as an assembly language programmer doing cost accounting systems. I finished as a technical architect. In between I was a people manager, PC guru, and a standards manager.  In current lingo, I was also a project manager and program manager.

Now, whatever you think of giant companies and their bureaucracies, I was proud to work at BellSouth. The range and scale of technology and systems there is truly breathtaking. Just producing the phone bills takes rocket science. The folks who keep it all working are wonderful.  It is humbling to play a small role in providing such vital services. My BellSouth career ended when I got an "offer" to retire. Yee-haa!

Moral Support Team (a few years ago)
Moral support team
Since then I've been working with my wife (she's nice) in her bookkeeping business. I've also been honing my web skills and serving as a volunteer webmaster for non-profits.  From time to time I help family, friends and neighbors with their PC's. I'm not the PC guru I once was but I'm still above average.

They grew
Older kids
I am a very fortunate man. I'm married for the first and only time.  I have three children who span middle school through college.  I'm a sports dad but I don't yell at the referees.  I enjoy keeping up with politics, current events, and science. I enjoy music of all kinds. I play (poorly) guitar and piano. I love the coast. Oh yeah, I surf the web too.