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A checklist for doing your website

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A checklist for doing your website

You don't need much to get started and you can start with much less than everything.

If you surf, start here:

  • List the sites you like
  • List the sites you that are useful to you
  • List the sites that you revisit
  • List sites that you revisit
  • List the sites you hate
  • Look at the site of your friends, neighbors, organization, competitors, vendors, favorite companies, favorite organizations.

Whether you surf or not, check these out:


  • Time and/or cash
  • Name, address, phone, e-mail
  • Logo
  • Picture
  • About your site
  • About you or your organization


  • Your products
  • Your services
  • You customers
  • Your staff or members
  • Your brochure

Personal sites

  • Pictures
  • Schedules
  • Itineraries
  • Family tree
  • Trip reports
  • Family history
  • Hobbies
  • Opinions

Clubs and organizations

  • Events
  • Schedules
  • Leadership and who to contact
  • Minutes
  • Bylaws
  • Reports


  • Mailing list
  • Forum
  • How to
  • Education
  • How to find out
  • Other good sources of information

OK, now think about it and call me.