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How much will it cost?

My mom told me to pay window washers and painters by the window, not by the hour.  It's good advice for web site services too.  But frankly, I'd like to get paid by the hour and you are on a budget.  So, we'll need to negotiate a little:  I don't know what you want and you don't know how long it will take me to produce it.  The "Fish and Divers" picture on this page took twice as long to create as the whole rest of the site put together.  If you already have a fish and divers picture, your company logo, or picture of your products, or of your family vacation, you are way ahead of the game.

Some help for your budget:  I'll charge you $60 an hour or about $100 a page.  This is where we'll start negotiating.  We'll be able nail down an estimate once we see your requirements.

There are some fixed costs: [Image]A domain name costs about $30 a year.  A hosting service costs about $120 a year.  For your rate of return calculation: The cost for two years is $300 even if you get your web site for free.

You'll do most of the real work:  It's what's in the site that counts.  Your words, products, opinions, art, and pictures are what folks are looking for.

Changes after the initial site it up:  If you surf, you've noticed that most small sites just sit there.  Most were done two years ago and haven't changed since.  I will be using CityDesk to produce your site.  CityDesk makes it makes your site easy and therefore inexpensive to update.  If you have a little courage, you can update it yourself.

You want to change your existing site:  Good idea.  If you've already produced the content, you are more than halfway there.

Let's talk about it.  Let's figure out what we can do.  There's no harm in asking.