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Reeder Redecoration
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The sofa, chairs and "fabric" arrive
It's a great day. The furniture is better than we expected and fits. It's bigger but we've spent our more than 20 years near the floor in our old sectional. Setting up the furniture triggers a new round of suggestions. A&R Welding enters the picture.

You only get one chance at a first impression.

  • It's bigger, it looks grown up. Will it fit? (Yes)
  • The texture of the chenille fabric is more obvious and beautiful than I expected.
  • The sofa design has much more "architecture" than I remembered from the Sofa store. It looks great as piece of design.
  • We're actually going to be sitting on those things.
  • We're not worthy; we're not worthy.

Gordon came over immediately and we fiddled and nudged everything into place. Now it's time to pick a wall color before we get our pillows and cushions covered. The wall color will dictate the detailing and maybe the backing of the pillows. Taupe with some gold / yellow tint? He didn't have his paint chips.

As they delivered them.

It's got a nice shape. You can see that the arm covers don't look too hot.
We'll have to fiddle with them if we use them.

The parsons table to too short and too wide.
We'll use the $35 iron table instead.

Arranged a bit.

So much light from the windows make it hard for me to get a good picture at this time of day.

The fabric in a big swath. This isn't exactly how it will look on this chair.
We bought 4 yards.

The old sectional becomes clutter and junk.
We hope it's just waiting for its next era, just not in our house.

The irrepressible Gordon: Setting up the furniture triggers a new round of suggestions, some we've heard, some we haven't.

  • Put rubber casters on the furniture to keep it in place. Many wrong places are possible.
  • Put the  fabric arm covers (they have a name but I can't remember it) on the chairs. They'll get dirty.
  • The sofa looks better without the arm covers but we might need one on the sunny side.
  • Get some clear pushpins to hold the arm covers. There is product specifically for the purpose.
  • Pick a paint. Don't paint into the dining area or the balcony panel.
  • Then think about covering the cushions until we have paint.
  • The parson's table is now in the hall. It's a little too big. Maybe grandpa's table, which would require a new top for the sofa table.

A&R Welding enters the picture. We're going to turn one of our $35 iron tables into a sofa bench. It was a distant thought but it was on my mind during an errand run on Dekalb Avenue. I've passed it 100 times but this week it just clicked. I loaded the table in the car and drove it over there. Wow, that's my kind of place. You'll have to want to find out how it turned out.

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