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Reeder Redecoration
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Jeff figures out how to put legs on the "thing"
Thanks to Jeff Ashworth. He actually knows how to do stuff. He figured out how to put legs on and has the know how to get it done. Actually, I just watched, provided moral support, and ate sawdust while Jeff built it for me. Jeff would ask, Does that look straight?" I'd say, "Perfect."

The "thing" wasn't made for legs. If we'd screwed legs in from the bottom they would have come right up into the cabinet. Jeff suggested we cut a 3/4" piece of plywood and screw the legs into it. We made a little table for the thing to sit on. Looks pretty good. Actually I watched, ate sawdust, and provided moral support while Jeff did the work.

In Jeff's shop getting ready to screw in the legs.

Jeff and Copper with the little table.
Jeff is the one standing on his hind legs.

Works great. What color to paint the edge?
Do we need to paint the legs?

How about $3.95 Rust-Oleum brown satin.

In place. The brown strip under the thing is the toe molding
which you can't see unless you are laying on the floor taking a picture, as I was.

Where legs came from.


Up close


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