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A&R Welding makes a table into a bed bench
I mentioned A&R Welding in the last article. Today they delivered. A $35 table, Gordon's suggestions, A&R does the job in less than two days.

First, I salute A & R Welding: 552 Decatur Street SE, Atlanta, 30312 - (404) 522-0097 and their staff. Thanks to Mr. Dennis L. Pruitt, the Operations Manager who helped me personally, understood perfectly what I wanted, who should work on it and finished it in less than two work days. This place, that makes stuff for whole buildings, took the time to do a little job for me.

They charged me for two hour @$65 for a total of $130. So I have $165 invested in a bed bench. All things considered we probably could have found a bench for that money. But this is so much cooler. It would work great as a coffee table too, I think.

Here is the original as we found the two of them at the Resource Center:

We've tried it everywhere. It's currently doing duty as our Sofa Table.

Metal table one holds the lamp and the books.

A & R's handiwork.

Cardboard simulates the seat which will be plywood
with some foam, batting, and fabric.
Please ignore the old headboard. I'm working on the new one.
Please ignore the dust ruffle too.


Now I need to make a top and put some padding and fabic over it.

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