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Beams ???
I made some beams out of brown paper. Do we do it? How many? What colors? How much work? How much time? You won't find any answers in this article.

I painted five colors on the ceiling. While waiting for Gordon to have a look I cut brown paper into 4" strips and taped them to the ceiling. The cats could care less.




The "faux" faux beams:

These actually help you see the ceiling in a totally new way. I don't have words for it but it does. The blue color also sets off the ceiling fan. It was always a nice fan. Now you notice it.

So what to do with the beams? We did two designs. Both pick up and pull colors. This one has the light khaki.

The blue represents the beam against the blue of the ceiling

We liked the dark Khaki better.

These all seemed busy and a lot of high altitude painting to do. What if we just used the black stripes with the dark khaki?

What if:

  • We painted the other ceilings in dark khaki?
  • We put medallions matching "the fabric" where the beams intersect?
  • We used foam beams? (lot's of cash required)
  • We used furring strips for the black and get some 3-D?
  • What if we didn't use beams at all?

Tomorrow I paint the whole ceiling as we won't have beams at all.

More on faux beams:

Faux beams and beaded board ceiling on Devine Designs. The beaded board would match the entry trey ceiling.



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