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Shopping on Sunday, November 20, 2005
When a designer says, "write this down," the ideas are popping. See how use a dozen cheap nick nacks and a row of Christmas tree lights. How to use a shopping bag as a decorator trick. Discovering a local artist.

The house is a wreck. We keep pushing our clutter around. In Trading places they never show you where the move stuff when they empty out the room.

Now at least you can walk through here.

We've got three quarts of paint as samples. We have two blues to try on the ceiling and one purple. I hope I can get this done over Thanksgiving. Gordon then does the old shopping bag trick:

The bag approximates the wall color.
Sorry, the photograph doesn't quite catch the color.

How do the pulls look in our kitchen.
Did I mention that we bought some samples from Expo to try out:


What do you think?

Our own local artist bails us out.
We're keeping the trees but the botanicals aren't looking so good. JoAnn says, "have you seen Rachel's stuff?" We raided her portfolio:

Gordon went nut over these.
We're replacing the botanical with the organ and the green pictures.
We're going to put the top three portraits above the entrance to the laundry hall.

The portraits will go on the on the wall above the entrance to the laundry hall.
See the improved laundry hall.


We hit the road for the third straight shopping day.
We returned the botanicals and the moderns to Sandy Springs Antiques. and hit Marshals and Stein Mart and to back Z Gallerie. TJ Max, Marshall's and Stein Mart are three of Gordon's favorites for budget bric-a-brac. Gordon said, "Get a buggy." We filled up a buggy in all three places. At Stein Mart we got "ya ya" a little round metal table for JoAnn's cell phone charger, jungle shades for the office chandelier and two towels for the guest bath. It was time to replace our 16 year old guest towel.

Mostly if was pottery of all shapes and sizes. Some had our colors some contrasted. How could we use all those things? We'll, they went everywhere.

P.O. We might get an animal print rug for the office.

Just some of the bowls and pottery

Gordon's had a secret eye on our boring all white kitchen: the only eye catcher is our kitchen mess. We've mentioned the new hardware. After shopping we started putting potter above the kitchen cabinets on top of our old book. No straight lines, lot's of heights, lots of color, well OK.

Checked chair by a local artist

Then we experimented with our lights. Nothing really illuminated them. We talked about some low voltage light strips. Eureka: Christmas tree lights. We bought a string of clear lights at CVS for $3.00 and wrapped them around the pottery. Sorry, the picture doesn't do them justice.

You can't really see it in a picture. But as you look south in the big room, you'll see our four new pictures. To the left, at the same height, you catch the jugs on the counter, turning further you'll see 4 new portraits (by a local artist) above the laundry hall.

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