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Reeder Redecoration
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Benjamin Moore 4/G 1364 for the Laundry Hall
The hall goes reddish plum / purple. We've already go 6 black frames to go in a group on the wall. Whoa.

The laundry hall has seen tons of dirty clothes. Tons of dirty kids passed through too. There are family pictures on the south wall. You've seen it before, not very happening. Who wants a happening laundry? Gordon says, "We do!"

As it was.
The door to the left is to the attic;
the door on the right to the laundry

Today I painted a backdrop for some drama.

Benjamin Moore 4/G 1364 Aqua Satin Eggshell.
My photograph doesn't do it justice.

So what about the laundry hall.

  • The "purple" pulls color from the big room rug, "the fabric" our new artwork, and our stool cushions and the throw now being used and a table arrangement.

    Table arrangement with throw.
    Imagine some fabric on the seat cushions.

  • The brown door will be a cork board to replace our refrigerator bulletin board. We've taped some brown paper on the door and some pictures to do a simulation. The brown matches the floors be we may do it another color. Actually a metal magnet board would be better.
  • We'll have 6 or 9 black framed pictures. The pulls color from "the thing," the fireplace, the rug, the chair we're going to paint black, "the fabric," the new kitchen hardware, and probably something else I don't know yet.
  • Bonus: At the end of the hall, through the door there are a couple of Warhol prints. We are going to replace them with a 6 foot tall graffiti work by a "local" artist. Gordon said it had to have some yellow. Yellow or not, it will catch the eye in a big way.
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