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Shopping on Saturday, November 19
We start the day moving the white cabinets into the Office. We were saved by "the green strip. Half dead from that, we go shopping again. Overwhelming! How little things make the room. How shopping for them is a marathon. How about that $10 vase from TJ Max.

This is how it started with all the office papers and boxes move out. The big question was how to deal with 4 large file cabinets (below) and two double-stacks of paper shelves. Gordon had said "stack 'em up." We did all this before Gordon got there. We thought it was good but we need to hear if from him.

Most of the junk cleared out.

The is the best place for the new cabinets. They are even lighted.
See the narrow green strip between the window frame and the right cabinet?
Gordon say that without that 2" of wall paper showing, the look would be ruined.

With great effort we stacked the file cabinets and moved the Goodwill chair in.
JoAnn keeps her office stuff in baskets. They look great in the cabinets.
The right cabinet, above, is what you see first when you enter the room
So we're keep the prettiest stuff in that one.

We moved the paper shelves and stacked them on the rubber band / paper clip chest.
Much more convenient and much less a part of the look.
The brown paper was in experiment: It represents mounting the paper shelves on the wall.

Gordon arrived just as we were spiffing the office. He moved Lucy, Ethyl and the dog to the office on top of our stacked offices. He declared it good and it certainly was good. Now people will want to hangout in the office.

Gordon said, "Write this down," and not for the first time. We need a little table, a rug, and shades for the chandelier. How about an animal print. He just happened have a leopard sample and threw it on the floor. Wow.

Then we headed to the living room. Gordon keeps saying, "Write this down." I realize that he's taking in everything we've got so far and figuring out what we need to finish. It dawns on us that we have a major shopping trip yet to go today: Expo Design Center, Restoration Hardware, the rest is a blur.

Expo Design Center is a Home Depot minus the building the supplies, filled up with decor stuff of every kind. We'd never been there.

House numbers are a great touch. "1809" looked pretty good.
Gordon said we should do a vertical on the bunny column.

Amber pulls for kitchen. Not cheap!

This rug would "go" but we don't need a round one.

This one was had the jungle theme but is not right for the office.

Then to Restoration Hardware for pulls and student lamps. The pulls weren't any better than Expo.

This student lamp was not bad good extension but expensive.

Then to Bed Bath and Beyond. We bought a rag rug for the kitchen. We are returning it - not quite the right colors. We bought a little round table for the Goodwill chair.

But we spent most of our time looking at plates, bowls and glasses. We bought square glass dinner plates, margarita glasses, little bowls, beautiful salad plates (not dishwasher safe, I'm afraid). Gordon's them was, it ought to be fun, it ought to look great on the table, we ought to throw out the stuff we've been using.

Here is some of it on the table. The picture doesn't cut it.
You can see the bottom of our new candle chandelier from Z Gallerie.
It looked strange for about 15 minutes. It changed everything.

This little flower pot came from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Our brains and and our poor legs are now too tired to go on but we haven't finished the list.

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