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Shopping on April 7
An afternoon on the I-85 Access Road to outlets, overstocked places looking for rugs, and as usual, everything else.

Rugs for Katherine's room favoring pinkish. Rugs for Rachel's room favoring turquoise, rugs for out entry favoring? At the bottom see the potential turquoise vase we could make into a lamp.

The colors in the pictures aren't exactly right. All but one of the rugs are from Decor, home of our "Pod" rug, once in the kitchen and now in the entry.



Leather shag. Cool texture and many color. Can't vacuum.



Turquoise Winner. Kind of formal / classy.
Real colors much better than the picture.



How to play with the deep blue with accents.


Potential winner for Katherine.


There were several color variations.


Killer mirror. Not cheap.
84" x 45"


Expensive quilt from StoreHouse outlet.
It caught my eye from across town.


Cool rug at Storehouse. Not cheap.

I loved this bed / nightstand from Rooms to Go Outlet.
JoAnn hated it as too curtsey. It's too big for her room.


But Rooms to Go had a bunch of mirrors we liked for the price.
52" x 40"


48" x 36"


34" x 34"


Didn't measure this the camel / palm tree rug.
It's big with not much mirror.


Gaggle of Turquoise Vases at Smith and Hawkins.
Color is better in real life.
$20, $32, $44


Might make a nice lamp for the turquoise room.

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