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Painting my office and making a new mess
On the day after Christmas I painted the office, made a another big clutter mess, and ran out of paint right after the paint store closed. So I have to live with the office  mess a day longer than I planned.

Time to paint my office, time to make a mess, time to redo my desk too. I don't want to put my old stuff back in there again but I must.

I'm tired of painting but I'm not tired of the improvement it makes. I'm tired of the mess.

It's the same color as the bedroom. You wouldn't know it from the pictures. Lighting really affect the colors. Our south bathroom wall we be this color too but that's another project entirely.

( Classic) 990
The office and most of the bedroom is this color.

Here we go:

The piano is under that drop cloth. A bear to move.

I made a big mess (again),

The cats are starting to notice.

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