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Reeder Redecoration
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How to "redesk" my office and in general make it work and make it look good?
It worked pretty well for me before but it wasn't pretty. I don't want to put any of it back like it was.

Today I visited NFL Officeworks. We used to call them National Furniture Liquidators. We bought JoAnn's desk and file cabinets there. Nice place, good service, and they have some older stuff in the back. In any case I was looking for ideas. Could I buy a readymade desk, cut a sheet of plywood, get one custom made? Could I do it on the cheap?

My main desk requirement is a curve where I sit in front of the computer.

  • It has to please Gordon too. Apart from the looks, it needs to hide messy office stuff while keeping it convenient.
  • I'd like nothing under the desk so I could stuff a variety of things on rollers for my convenience.
  • It can be no higher than 29". But I might change my mind.
  • I have a huge monitor and need 42" from the edge of the desk where I site to the wall. That makes it ergonomic for me.
  • If I could put the monitor in a "well," - that is, with it's base below desk level -  that would make it even better. The screen would be at the proper level for viewing.

Lisa Long-Chambers at NFL helped me. We talked about building a table top, attaching to the wall somehow, designed just for the space. I'll e-mail her the drawing and pictures below so she can give me a ball park estimate.

More later.

My proposed desk is in green.


Right after the paint job. The view from the bedroom.
The water heater and heat pump are behind the door.

The view of the right side. The opening on the right is to our bedroom.

The story continues with "Making a pattern for my desk."

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