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Hiding the wires and lighting the kitchen cabinet
New appreciation for electricians: I've always admired how they can work with wires and fixtures without being electrocuted or burning the house down. The real trick is mounting lights on the underside of things with the tiniest screws on earth.

We lit our new vases on top of the kitchen cabinets with a combination of rope lights, Christmas tree lights, and extension cords hanging all over the place. To turn them on, I had to plug in three separate cords. Today I fixed it.

Fortunately our under cabinet lights operated on a switch and had an outlet. I had to rewire each light to make the outlet work. Then I DRILLED HOLES IN MY CABINET (oh my) and snaked the wires through.

I can't tell you how I dreaded drilling my cabinets.

Through each shelf and by the spice racks.

Out of the bottom and hidden behind the under counter light.

Now for the new down lights in our glass front cabinet. If you remember, I painted the back the same blue as the big room's ceiling:

Installing the $19 down lights took me hours but they work.

Imagine glass shelves (which should arrive tomorrow) and
Gordon-arranged pretty stuff (Gordon won't arrive tomorrow).
The old shelf is still in there because I don't have a place to put it right now.

Thanks to Dave and Yvonne.

Now we have a lighted cabinet, lighted top of the kitchen cabinets, lighted bookshelves in the jungle office, and of course the lighted "thing." Not to mention two lighted plants.

We're storing stuff in the thing for the time being.
I took this one so you could see how the horse
reflects in the mirrored back. It's better than we thought.

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