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Home inspection by Dan Curl
What's that smell?

Dan Curl, Compreshensive Home InspectionsMy friend Dan Curl of Comprehensive Home Inspections and Dean Moore did a brief inspection and sent me this report on November 11, 2005

Reeder Circle: Moisture and Indoor Air Quality TO DO list

This is just a list and are the opinions of your inspector.

Contact Southface 404-872-3549
Abe Kruger ext 125
Sydney Roberts ext 123
They perform blower door and duct blasting technical services (measuring air infiltration into the home and ducting). Perhaps you could provide them with the following list.

Bulk water into the basement/master bathroom: appears due to: higher loads at base of wall, inadequate drainage and waterproofing behind the wall, and poor roof/gutter maintenance. If Trotter can guarantee for 20+ years I recommend you use them. It is not easy or cheap to address this problem. Do not accept a 5-year guarantee: many waterproofing and roof systems fail in the 5-10 year range. This is problem #1.

Site Drainage: A box drain at the front in the low area forward of the original home draining down the slope.

Proper roof maintenance: keep gutters and downspouts clear and free from debris. Trim overhanging limbs and shrubbery away from exterior walls. (they trap heat and moisture)

Ventilation of the attic: There are not enough openings to allow ventilation: again trapping heat and moisture. Ideally an equal amount of openings, properly spaced, between the lower/soffit and upper/exhaust to facilitate airflow. The existing attic window could be screened and partially opened.

Venting of bathrooms: the vaulted bathroom vent is blocked: not exit from rafter bay. The hall bathroom vent is below roof decking. Recommend upgrade all to current standard: vent to exterior of home.

A//C condensate drain: recommend fully extend the attic condensate drain (over kitchen) to the exterior: within 6” of the ground. Properly slope and seal.

Attic supply air: Supply air duct to the great room is bent (90 degrees) twice: this significantly reduces airflow and increases potential for condensation. Recommend fully seal all attic ducting.

Ducting in the crawl space. The marriage of old and new ducting is dysfunctional. The location of most vents (supply and returns on same wall), sizing (for old furnace), and installation (disconnected return, significant air loss at supply plenum, duct taped, dead end ducts) does not meet minimum standards. I recommend complete reworking of the duct system starting at the plenums and extending to the locations of registers.

Ducting to bedroom: high flow, poorly sealed boot, and closed register is causing cold air into the stud bay and is the probable cause of mildew at the attic stairwell.

Dirty, fouled filters propagate mold. They serve as food source. Replace older filters with pleated fabric. Recommend reconfigure returns so that filters can replaced from the inside of the home. That way you might get around to it.

Roof Leak: there is an active roof leak at the front left valley near the vaulted bathroom.

Now all you have to do is spend time and money!

Good luck,

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