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Reeder Redecoration
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Headboard problem solved!
It's not pretty but it's not very visible either. Nobody will mistake me for a wood craftsman.

Considering all the time in figuring out how to do it, lifting the 55 pound headboard about 100 times, materials, and driving to the hardware store, maybe we should have spend a little more to buy a complete headboard. Nah! Thanks to the many folks helped. Son David did heavy lifting, provided moral support, drilled, screwed, and cut, and kept his dad calm during the frustration.

We slept the it for the first time last night and it didn't crush our heads. I consider it a big success.

After a test run, I'm staining the bottom boards.
I should paint them black but I already had the stain.

Straight line sawing wasn't straight but I didn't injure myself.
The curved sawing wasn't too hot either.


The notch, the angle, the butterfly bolts.


The bottom.

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