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Flora Dora flower arrangements arrive and "the chair"
We took home four flower arrangements. We picked up "the chair" but we're not feeling too good about it. Our third try at shades for the fan light.

Here are the Flora Dora arrangements we picked up today:

There is another on the other side of the sink.
This is the leafy green vase thing from Z Gallerie.
The trick was a "moss plug," whatever that is.

This is the orchid thing. It's really wonderful against the screen, tall but open.

This is the compact but big one for the coffee table or anywhere else.
It has boatloads of flowers.

I've tried three sets of shades for our fan in the big room. I never liked the original ones and two have been broken for about 10 years. My first new set were too white. The drew your eye whether on or off. The second set was a clear bubble glass. The light was harsh. These are the best so far:

See the price tags. The flash mis-colors the shades.
It's actually a good match for the Verdi gris of the fan.
Check out the blue ceiling.

After 5 days with a blue ceiling we like it. I don't have the words but we notice an effect but don't really notice that it's blue. I don't think it makes the ceiling feel lower. It makes the room feel cozier and seems to separate that part of the room from the dining, kitchen, and hall areas. There is probably a designer / decorator term for it but I don't know it.

We picked up the chair yesterday. The theory is that we get a significant chair, not upholstered, not expensive and do the seat and the back in "the fabric." It's significant, it's tall, it's weird. Our new sofa and chairs are taller than our poor sectional. That will make a big difference in how it looks. I don't think we like it. Here it is with our throw as a color test:

My flash isn't doing justice to the rug but it does capture the weird chair.

Several big projects to do soon:

  • Install kitchen drawer pulls. It requires careful measuring and drilling.
  • Paint two barstools with high gloss oil Benjamin Moore 4/G 1364, "Aged Claret" (purple).
  • Order fabric for the seat cushion and back, two pillows, and two barstool seat cushions.
  • Glass shelves and side glass for "the thing." Very careful measurements required. The shelves will be 1/2 inch thick.
  • Find some big strong boys to help us when the jungle rug arrives.
  • Worry about hanging the screen. Learn to use the stud finder.
  • Other stuff.


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