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Reeder Redecoration
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Jungle rug installed and painted bar stools
It's better than we thought. Advice: just move the furniture out before you lay the rug, really, just plan on moving it on out. I guess we have one room finished. Clutter is driving me nuts as never before.

The Jungle rug arrived Thursday, the pad on Friday. This morning I got up early and started emptying the file cabinets, the book cases, removing the chairs. We planned to keep the desk in place and "just slide the pad and rug under it." You know, kind of lay it straight, put a big fold in the middle, lift up the desk a little and slide that baby under there. This would be the second time we've emptied the office in 3 weeks. I really didn't want to do it again.

Well the first thing: The carpet pad was designed to be anti-slide. Second thing: The diagonal corner at the entrance had to be perfect. We just couldn't rotate the rug with anything on top. Early on Dave suggested we remove half the desk. We finally realized he was right.

Just after we got it down and put the some of the furniture back
so you can see the mottled background.

I'll try to get better pictures when the sun is up.

Office clutter started to accumulate within minutes.

It was a very hard day today but it's my favorite thing so far. There are several obvious effects. The room seems bigger, the room seems lighter, it pulls color from the desktop, the whicker, the wood floor and the black filing cabinets. Most important, it's fun!

On Thursday and Friday I painted two of the stools:

It's the same "aged claret" color as the laundry hall but don't they look pink?

Gordon declared the chair color his current favorite thing in the room. I must admit, that space was big-time boring before the paint job. It added a lot to the room.

Clutter is driving me nuts as never before.

For the big room, by the time this is over, we'll have netted out with two new pieces of furniture on the floor: a buffet and a sofa table. Decoratively, we got a rug, we're hanging our screen on the wall, 6 new pictures, and a bunch of decorative vase and bowl things. We've added a spiral candle chandelier thing over the dining table. We've actually removed a stool so we netting a minus 1 for barstool. So we really don't have so much new stuff on the floor. Gordon rearranged what we had so the room seemed even bigger.

What we really didn't foresee but Gordon did, was that we now have lots of eye popping things all over the room. There is nothing expensive in the room but plenty to look at in every direction. Things pop, colors shapes and lines pull, sizes, colors, and shapes balance. (All technical designer lingo, I think, please pardon my translation.) My eyes go up  down and all around.

Oh, I was going to talk about clutter driving me crazy. Every time I paint the ceiling, the hall, install rugs, track lights, I have to move stuff into a pile somewhere in the big room. I just can stand it. The very first thing after I finish a job is to put the big room back in order. I'm having to do it about every other day. I'm obsessed. It's started to look so good, I don't want it mucked up.

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