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Cute carports
They just don't build home these days with two car garages. In our neighborhood a decent garage is a big selling point but they are rare. Our puny garage is typical. Maybe we could do a carport.

Some day we'll sell the place. A garage will make it sell faster and the investment will more than pay for itself. In Morningside, rebuilding or expanding a garage is a big issue and almost always involve a variance because they are all on the property line. Of course they are expensive and don't add much to day to day livability for humans, nice for cars though.

Every new house or major renovation has a two car job. With the lot size around here it usually means a "snout house" as Dan calls the. That's house where the garage is the dominant feature on the front. It's rarely very pretty. It also means the ground floor is dedicated to the cars so you have to walk up stairs to the kitchen.

For a lot less money a carport may be a good compromise so I've riding around with my camera. This is a good one. It's a pergola right on the street that happens to have cars in it.

It's got vines on top!

You could put a Winnebago in there.


No roof, but cute and simple.


Ansley Park


Pergola plans from

Cute pergola garage post from the 1920's

Vines for a pergola

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