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Old guitars as art?
Even the worst guitar is better than most art. Even the worst sounding guitar is nice to look at. Bad guitar players should keep their guitars on the wall.

Gordon said we should hang guitars over the piano in my office. Sounds good to me.

Here is the spot with an example Danelectro longhorn bass:


He sent me to Antiques and Beyond on Cheshire Bridge Road. He's seen a board that might be the very thing to hang the guitar hangers from:


This is the idea. I have to figure out how put the hangers on the board and the board on the wall.


Engineering Required:

  1. We have to attached the board to studs. I don't want the screw heads showing on the board.
  2. We have to attach the String Swings to the board. The mounding piece doesn't fit.
  3. It would be nice the swing block didn't look too out of place on the board.
  4. We'll have to paint or stain the swing block and the sides of the board.

The metal thing is threaded. The swing itself screws into it.
I thought about getting a longer one, but still the block for the correct spacing.

Once again Jeff Ashworth made all work. He cut the wood things, stained them, screwed them in. I got a 1x4 6' poplar board and Jeff cut it in half lengthwise at a 45 degree angle to make a cleat system like this:


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