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Reeder Redecoration
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Bedroom painting and accessories. Pulling and balacing color almost explained.
I painted, the crew went to HomeGoods.

Gordon and JoAnn went to HomeGoods  at Buckhead Crossing Shopping Center (for Atlantans, the one near Bennies Shoes) while I painted the bedroom. I don't know it but they were getting stuff to finish the bedroom. It was our first trip there. It's yet another great store I'd never heard of.

I couldn't think of that. I was busy with  3 3/4 gallons of paint. I'll confess right now, mistakes were made.

We remake the bedroom after every step, all the furniture back in place, the headboard, propped up on the bed, pictures in the right place. We've done that at least five times now. Gordon eyeballs and makes mental notes. Except for the bed being centered on the wall everything else is in play. JoAnn and Gordon got a lamp:

Part of the HomeGoods haul including the lamp, which has a horse finial, cute.

We tried that lamp everywhere and I mean everywhere. That goes on with every piece. If it looks great somewhere, it might look even better somewhere else.

Back to painting. You are probably bored with painting but I worked so hard on it. What you don't know is the we're placing a black strip of trellage where the two paint meet and under the  crown molding. It's 1 1/2" wide and about 3/8" thick. It will separate the two colors with a bit of 3-D accent and further frame the bed. We may paint it with HC-71, the chocolate color we liked so much. Maybe not.

HC-68 on the left, 990 on the right.
It's funny, 990 is very sensitive to the angle of the light. On the right of the corner it's looks silver, on the left it looks taupe - whatever taupe is. The shading changes all during the day.

Here are some more accessories from HomeGoods.

Jungle chair with beefy legs and hair dryer. Way cool.

The spread.

Pulling color, balancing colors in the bedroom. I'm paying attention now.

  • We've had the carpet for 17 years. Why is it green? It extends the outside in and the inside out.
  • Why did we get a white bedspread with a brown leaves? I understand the brown goes with the headboard and wall. Now I know it goes with the outdoor browns too. But why white and why are we getting white frames for the flower pictures? If course the white pops against the headboard, the brown wall and the green carpet. So, we're popping.

    But here is a balance thing too. We have a wall of white trimmed windows. So we need  lots of white  on the brown wall.

A salute to old paint:


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