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Reeder Redecoration
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Upstairs picture hanging, and blue back, a frog on a pedestal.
Today we hung pictures and mirrors upstairs in the entrance hall. And a little more ...

I have no reserve painting energy. I've been at it for 3 days. I still have to paint my office but I don't want to think about it. I'm anxious to hang the pictures downstairs but upstairs on more junky and we need to get it straightened out first. We took a big step today.

Seems like we've been taking big steps every day. How on earth do they get it done in 30 minutes in HGTV and Trading Spaces? I'm beginning to suspect a lot of stuff happens off carmera. What do you think?

It took a while to place the pictures upstairs.  We've staged our bedroom so many times that we know where all the pictures will go. The upstairs hall was wide open. Every picture, mirror, and table had a chance in every location. In the end the hall has one new picture which we hung above the thing.

The plates are down and this isn't final.
Here is our one new upstairs picture.
Sorry I flashed into the glass.

Our entrance hall is on the diagonal. It's quite unique with zigzags and views that change with every step. It's a stealth art gallery, providing you have some art. There are many diagonal sight lines; some are quite long. Hanging pictures today emphasized it.

Here are two of the long diagonal sight lines.

One of the diagonal views. The mirror the left was formerly where the thing is now.

We made the powder room into a garden themed art gallery. We moved the mirror from our bedroom, the botanical from the office (then the stairway) and the fish from the hall onto the powder room. The wall paper border and the papered ceiling and botanicals make it seem like an arbor.

The mirror, the plant, and the botanical.

The botanical and the fish.

The hallway to the left of the thing was a challenge and we're not finished. The pictures were in our bedroom, the plate, $12.00, the table is our $35 table with no top. The simulated top are our kitchen cabinet shelves (more on that later). We tried three different tables. Many different picture combinations. We might be getting somewhere.

It's more dramatic from the kitchen.
This used to be a blah view.

I painted the back of our glass cabinet. Neither JoAnn or I "got" this idea at first. Tonight I humored Gordon by painting. Wow. It was made for display but it was hiding in white. The blue back ties it to the ceiling and the florals in the hall (see picture above). But the important thing is that it provides a contrasting back drop for the pretty things in the cabinet, if we only had the pretty things for the cabinet. The theory is to add some glass shelves and down lights.

See how it pops against the white?
Actually what we put in there better be popping material.

We found the perfect location for the new lamp and a frog. The parsons table was originally where the thing is. We've moved it everywhere in the entrance. It was too hot in some places, too cold in others but never just right. We had never tried it as the sofa table.

For now, it's perfect. The new sofa will he higher. The table top will be hidden. What is left is the perfect place for the new lamp, some books, a frog on a pedestal, and a soft drink.

Please imagine the new sofa.

Finally what do we do with the box? It's in the entrance filled with scarves and gloves.

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