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We bought a new sectional
It had to go. We call the design calvary.

It looked great at the Pottery Barn and they have a "full refund if not satisfied" policy. How could we go wrong? We picked a light colored fabric much like Grandma's wonderful denim slipcovers.

We waited about six weeks and there it was. It was quite nice. Taller than our old one, light fabric, substantial.

But you know what? It just didn't sit like it did in the showroom. JoAnn's feet barely touched the ground. For me the seat was too deep, the back cushion to far back and also angled back. My back hurt the moment I sat down. Great for laying down though. David (6'2") thought it was perfect.

It had to go. We called Pottery Barn the same afternoon.

Why did Grandma and Grandpa's new couch feel so comfortable? We got out the tape measure and headed for Macy's and Thomasville at Perimeter Mall. We sat in every couch and laid down in some of them. Our verdict: some were awful and some were OK and we didn't have a clue.

I decided that I couldn't take a couch that required pillows. I'd have to rearrange them every time I sat down or moved, and arrange them again when I got up so they wouldn't look messy. Plush and poofy looking didn't mean comfy seating.

The Pottery Barn couch didn't crush us but too may choices did. And then, of course, there is the problem of fabrics.

Time to call the calvary!

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