Reeder Redecoration Reeder Re-do
Reeder Redecoration
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How it was
Sixteen years with no changes. It's nice, until you try to get up from the couch.

Definitely looks lived in. We rode it hard. It was always a nice place to be. All those windows. Sunrises in the winter were blindingly bright

Looking south. The yellow chair was temporary for about 3 years. It's not there anymore.

Towards the east. The wicker chair will go. We'll replace it with a similar small chair with fabric on seat and back. It can have the wild fabric. The coffee table stays. It works and we like it.

Towards the north. The cats show no interest at all. The double window on the right of the back door needs pictures around it, particularly to the right, in the corner of the room.

The barstools have to go! The kitchen window "needs something" but we don't know what. The very corner of the kitchen bar needs something attractive about two feet tall. Pyramid of fruit? Something to catch the eye before the dishwasher. The mosaic style quilt is not a family heirloom. It's better in person than it is in the picture. It's time for something else on that wall.


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