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Reeder Redecoration
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Painting our concrete patio
We never go out there but there is a decorating opportunity anyway. Gordon made us realize our bedroom overlooks a "driveway." It could actually look good and make our bedroom look better.

Here it is after 18 years in the woods:

155" by 60"
about 65 square feet

After the pressure wash:

Here is the pattern Thanks to Dave for sending it to me:

Tiles will be in 3 "whole" rows.
Tiles will be yellow and red.
There will be a 2" black border.
"Grout lines" will be 1 1/2" black.

Here are the colors: They complement our bedroom. Benjamin Moore Floor and Patio Paint, oil based.

2020-30 "Sparkling Sun"3

Yellow faux tiles.

2007-20 "Sly Cherry"

Red faux tiles.


The faux grout
We didn't need it.

I had to use the Pythagorean theorem to figure out the dimensions. That was easy enough but laying it out gave me a headache. I drew two sets of pencil line, both wrong. Finally #1 son helped me do it with masking tape and I was good to go.

Here it is after one coat with masking tape is still on. I think one coat is enough; we're trying to be a bit outdoorsy rustic.

We don't need to paint the grout lines. The old concrete is perfect as is. Removing the tape was the most pleasant painting experience I've ever had.

For Dave: How the corners came out.


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