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Reeder Redecoration
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Pretty exterior paint
We'll have to paint it some day. I like the current paint job but Gordon has us looking at something new - maybe something darker, maybe dark green.

I'm starting to notice exteriors with some "Gordon eye training." My short list of his rules - not busy, not the color of any nearby houses, make some houses recede to appear farther from the street, have a dash of major popping color.

There are many eye catching paint jobs but I've come to believe that most catch the eye because they aren't too good. Most often there is a huge contrast between walls and trim so all you see is window frames and busyness.


Loring landscape beauty


Dark with white trim, all to common, busy trim.


Creamy trim, less contrast than standard white trim.


Ansley Park house that catches my eye.

McLynn house.


This house is on East Ponce. I like the green, the color of the door and shutters and color of the roof. The trim may be too prominent. Gordon says nobody want this "Williamsburg" color these days, forget it.

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