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Reeder Redecoration
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Painting the entry hall and maybe doing stripes
I had big ambitions for the weekend, to paint stripes in the entry hall. First I painted part Tan and part Hibiscus. I was so tired and so intimidated by the thousands of feet perfectly plumb masking tape, we decided to sleep on the new paint before we painted stripes.

Experimenting with stripes
Gordon came over. It was time to paint the entry halls. He said we could do stripes that pulled the Hibiscus and Tan, well, all over the place. You can see the finished stripes here.

I used PhotoShop Elements to print pages with our Hibiscus and Tan. Two whole pages with each color. (Pros who do this stuff have $1000 printers.) We also picked a darker tan which we simulated with brown paper.

Then Gordon fitted, matched, and fiddled until we had a stripe pattern for our entrance. We measured and estimated. We looked at striping just some of the hall. Maybe I'll start this weekend. We'll see.

I'm not sure if the picture does justice to it. It's going to be amazing.

These are with the old paint.

I painted the hall part taupe part hibiscus as the base coat for the stripes and Gordon came over. It looked great as is. Stripes would still look great but I'm totally intimidated by the work right now. Nor am I objective about how it looks after slaving over the paint.

The long southeast view.

The new paint popped the picture over "the thing."
The drop cloth simulates a 4x6 rug to be named later.

The long northwest view with frogs.

We decided to live with it for a while
and Gordon couldn't resist uncovering and moving all the hall stuff back in place to see what it looked like.

We've had the screen in the entrance, in our bedroom, and where the big quilt was in the living room. That's where it's been for a few months waiting to be hung. But Gordon now says, "That place would look better with some 'big' art from David." The screen is too serious. So the screen is back in limbo.

Until today that is. In the entrance against a hibiscus wall Gordon says, "Let's try the screen there." That was it!!!!! The best yet. Made the wall look like a museum. We'll hang it about a foot off the floor with the top even with the top of the coat closet door molding.

Gordon still can't resist so he removed the screen and hung the floral pictures which had looked good there. Well, they didn't look so good. Gordon says, "Wait a minute." He removed the red shades from the sconces, put a white vase on "the thing". He got a blank canvas from David and put it over the picture. Put our fake, tall orchid vase in front of the canvas and viola and new and great, more contemporary look. We'd just need to get white shades. The white pulls from the white matting of the pictures. Amazing. The screen still looks better.

I like my godwit picture and temporarily put in the big room while I was painting. I'm don't think this is her new home but she looks happy there:

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