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Reeder Redecoration
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5 new colors and the back bathroon stripe plans, refinished tub and hall shag rug
Today was a color bananza, finishing finishing the exotic bedroom by painting a chair, starting the back bedroom and the back bath.
 2003-10 "Million Dollar Red"

The desk chair in the white bedroom. glossy

 2026-20 "Margarita"

The moving parts of the windows in the white bedroom. semigloss

 2003-10 "Ruby"

The Ceiling in the back bedroom. eggshell


 2119-60 "Silver Lining"

The walls in the back bedroom and the light gray stripe in the back bath eggshell in bedroom, glossy in bath.

 2119-40 "Silver Streak"

The dark gray stripe in the back bath glossy


205 Simply Irristable

Bathroom Walls. semigloss This isn't a new color. The back hall and BR 4 are both "irristable."

The white shag runner arrived this week.

We got the bath tub refinished. It replaced the previous refinish job done in 1989 that has lasted through 17 years of bathing our 3 children.

Done by Mike Hildebrand of Surfaces Like New.
It's beautiful.

Now it's time to paint the bathroom so it will be worthy of the shiny tub.

Gordon tapes some stripes.

This is the idea. The light gray will match the walls in the adjoining bedroom.
The picture doesn't do justice to the tile color.


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