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Reeder Redecoration
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We hung a headboard and two new ceiling fans
BR #2 is shaping up. I hung the screen as a headboard and a fancy new ceiling fan. BR #4 got a new ceiling fan too. The idea with the fans were to get them closer to the ceiling and compliment the decor. It worked.

This room is shaping up. Kind of exotic. We hung the headboard so the top is even with the top of the window molding. I hung 3 beaded dangle things in front of the windows. You can barely see the green one. It's going to be colorful when we hang the mirror and the frames you see on the bed.

Hampton Bay "Berlini" has remote control and pulls colors
from the dark woody things in the room.

The other new fan has the fake weave in the plastic blades.
It's a 42" which scales better in the room; it raised the ceiling.
We'd like a shallower light but it looks great as it is.
Hampton Bay "Palm Beach."

This picture helped keep me from electrocuting myself.

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