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Writing about CityDesk

Writing about CityDesk

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Saturday, September 13, 2003

The lastest articles are on the top of this list. some add ons by Henrik is a guide for making RSS feeds using CityDesk

From the Sydney Morning Herald the same David Walker review.

David Walker has just posted a CityDesk review on his web site: and you might want to see the Forum thread about the review too. another interview with Joel by By Software Market Solutions and after the orgianal Slashdot thing.  Here is Slashdot about todays inteview "Spolsky Stands Firm on Linux on the Desktop". several articles by Eric by Partick in German

Software Market Solutions review

CityDesk for Geeks by Joel Spolsky from CNET  Scroll down or search, this is a big page with some specific criticisms and compliments.

Part 2 of an interview with Joel in  discusses CityDesk.  I suspect Part 1 is in the archives somewhere.

Is Joel missing a market?  A discussion in "Joel on Software"

Dave Winner writes a paragraph in Scripting News about CityDesk on December 9, 2001

Joel explains his decisions and why he made them here: "Working on CityDesk"  it has several parts to scroll to the bottom to find them all.

A little review and a CityDesk page


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